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Craftsman residential garage door openers

Craftsman Garage Door Opener 1/2 hp Chain Drive, Security+ Anti-Burglary Coding
Craftsman Chain Drive Garage Door Opener: Safe, Secure and Reliable A good 1/2 HP Security Garage Door Opener delivers in the icy cold of winter, sticky heat of summer and every day and night in between. Solid and reliable this Craftsman is comprised of solid steel and resilient plastic parts, that turn for turn will outlast competing openers, and keep coming back for more. A simple, solid design, this machine is powered by a ½ horse power motor and uses a proven chain drive system to produce a smooth open and secure close with the simple touch of a button. With Security +® Anti-Burglary Coding in every remote, this system rolls a new opening code each time the remote is pressed, and when coupled with the PosiLock® System, protects your vehicles and tools from thieves, while providing safe, secure access for your family. Designed to prevent injury and property damage, the Craftsman Chain Drive Garage Door Opener features motion detection technology that rapidly reverses closure when it senses anything in the path of the closing door. Built to last and loaded with safe, secure features, this garage door opening system will provide years of smooth operation. Install this reliable machine in your home and get Craftsman quality at a price that makes sense. Includes power unit, two remotes, control console, safety sensors, rail, hardware, operators manual The 1/2 HP Craftsman Security Garage Door Opener gives powerful and dependable operation Chain drive provides strong, reliable performance 2 Security®+ 3-function remotes are perfect for multi-car families Illuminated Standard Control Console that opens and closes door from inside garage 100 watts of lighting, one light turns on automatically whenever door opens or closes or safety reversing sensors are obstructed PosiLock® System securely locks door when it is down preventing intruders from entering garage Manual Release Capability allows you to manually open or close garage door Safety reversing sensors create an.

Craftsman Assure Link™ Internet Connected DC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with DieHard® Battery Backup
Craftsman Assure link Garage Door Opener: Safe, Secure, Connected The Assure link Garage Door system delivers quality control and peace of mind in an innovative package. If you’ve ever hustled out of the house not certain whether or not you closed the garage door, wanted the garage door to open as you pull in the drive or needed the assurance, that no matter what, you’re garage will be safe, secure and accessible to only you, this is the system you want. Featuring an advanced tri frequency remote control this garage door opener, not only delivers an extended range, but cuts down on interference so even when you’re a block away, your garage will be ready to open at the touch of a button. Did you close the garage door? Are you sure? The Craftsman Assure link Garage Door system includes two powerful tools to help deal with that question. With a built-in wall timer, you can set your door to close automatically after you exit, and if you need proof to put a worried mind to rest, Assure link allows you to monitor and activate your garage door from the web, so whether you’re in Bangkok on business or walled-in by downtown traffic, you can know for certain that your home is safe and secure. A solid system that delivers day after day for decades, install Assure link in your garage, and get the dependability, reliability and convenience. And backed by the power of DieHard® this system will deliver, even when the power company just can’t. Opener Includes: Power unit, wall console, battery backup unit, safety sensors, rail, hardware, owner’s manual, 2 Security +® 3-function remotes, a wireless keyless entry pad, Assure Link Gateway The Assure link Garage Door system gives you peace of mind in an innovative package DC motor with Soft Start-Stop Provides smooth, ultra quiet operation of the opener. Ideal for garages with living areas nearby. Belt drive is reinforced and manufactured like a steel belted tire with braided steel cables to insure years of dependable Craftsman

Craftsman Garage Door Opener 3/4 hp Chain Drive, Keyless Entry
The Craftsman Keyless Garage Door Opener Lifts Fast and Locks Tight More powerful than most, the Craftsman 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener was built to make short work of heavy doors with a smooth cranking action that’s at once quiet and reliable. An extra 1/4 horse of muscle raises your garage door 25 percent faster than traditional motors, so whether you’re hurrying home in the rain or trying the keep the cold of winter outside, this opener operates quickly to get you in and out of the garage without wasting time. With a pair of Security+® remotes and a handy keyless entry pad included, this powerful opener delivers a level of convenience, that even if you lose your keys, will open for you every time. And if you’re worried about thieves, don’t be. The Craftsman Keyless Garage Door Opener remotes have a tumbling feature that changes the code for your garage door every time you press the button. This coupled with a motion sensing lighting system means no more stepping into dark, uncertain garages, just safety, security and enough muscle to move your garage door at the touch of a button. A solid addition to your garage, install this ¾ horse powerhouse and get in fast. Craftsman 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener features a rugged chain drive for smooth, dependable operation Security+® anti-burglary coding Keyless entry - no need for keys or a remote control Motion-detecting control console automatically turns the opener lights on when you enter the garage Home link compatible - open/close door from vehicles that have the built-in visor remote for convenience

Craftsman DC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with Die Hard Battery Back-Up with Mini Tool Box (fs)
Craftsman DC Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with Die Hard Battery Back-Up Backed by Diehard power, this Garage Door Opener DC Belt system delivers smooth opens, secure closes and powerful illumination even when the rest of the house is pitch black. Solid, dependable and loaded with cutting edge technological features, this opener senses movement in the garage and actually turns the light on for you. In addition to lighting your path, it displays the time, temperature and reads in multiple languages, so whether you want to sharpen-up on your French, or make that foreign exchange student feel at home, you can swap settings seamlessly. The built in PosiLock® System delivers a level of tightly sealed garage security that you’ll wish the rest of the house had, and if you’re short of keys, no problem. With a wireless, keyless entry pad system, just punch in your four digit pin code and gain access to your garage in seconds. Powerful, convenient and backed-up to weather any storm, the Craftsman DC Garage Door Opener delivers every time you pull into the drive way. Go ahead, strap this machine to your garage ceiling and get dependable operation that’s built Craftsman tough. Includes power unit, two remotes, control console, wireless keyless entry pad, battery back-up unit, safety sensors, rail, hardware, operators manual The Craftsman Garage Door Opener DC Belt with 3/4 HPS® works even when there’s a power outage Belt drive and DC motor for ultra quiet operation and soft-start/stop performance DieHard® DC Battery back-up is always charged allowing door control, safety sensors and remote controls to operate on battery power for 20 open/close cycles Includes 2 Security +® 3-function remotes are perfect for multi-car families LCD Smart-Motion Detecting control console opens and closes door from inside garage while sensing your presence and turning on opener lights automatically Provides time, temperature, light and lock settings and system diagnostic messages Wireless.

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