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Garage Door Repair & Maintenance

We have a Door Maintenance schedule to fit any schedule!. Garage doors require regular maintenance in order to stay safe and quiet. We have several packages to fit any budget. Call us to schedule a technician to regularly maintain your garage door.
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Image Garage Door Spring Replacmen

Garage Door Spring

Image Garage Door Spring Repair

The Garage Door Spring Repair Specialists! The most important element to a safe and quiet garage door is the springs. Springs are what balance the heavy garage door so that motor or manual lift can happen safely. Image Doors & Gates springs are rated at 30,000 cycles. (up and down on the door is one cycle) We provide FREE 3 warranties on our springs. Image Doors & Gates can always repair the same day, our tech's always carry all the equipment necessary to fix your Garage door spring.

Image Garage Door Opner

Garage Door Opener

Lift Master.

St@rting At 275$

Image Doors & Gates only installs the best automatic openers. We have four models to choose from. Garage door openers typically have one of four primary drive functions:

• Belt drive
• Chain drive
• Screw drive
• A jackshaft that mounts on the wall

Considerations when choosing a garage door opener include horsepower, door speed, door heights, maximum lifting force, available warranties and quiet operation.

Your home's garage door, garage door opener and remote controllers need to work dependably and you have a right to expect it to stand up to the elements for many years.

Image Garage Dor Cable Set Extension Spring

Broken Garage Door Cable Repair

25-Point S@fety Inspection


There are proper steps for replacing garage door cables, and Image Doors & Gates advises customers to put that burden on its professionals instead of taking it upon themselves.
Most garage door cables are under significant tension. Before a technician can even begin to work on a cable, they must ensure that garage door is properly clamped open, unplugged and detached from the garage door opener. This is dangerous work and we encourage customers to utilize our repair services in the case of a broken cable. We don't want customers risking their safety for a job that can be done by one of our trained technicians.
Please call us as soon as you notice a broken cable and we will send someone out immediately for its repair. 800-667-5902

24/7 G@rage Door Repair

Bent Track, Misaligned or Rusted Track Repair

With tracks running on either side of the garage door, it is imperative they are aligned properly. Many people think a bent or misaligned track can be beat out with a hammer but that can cause even greater damage to the alignment and put the whole system at risk. Screws and bolts will likely need to be taken out in order to properly fix the track. Image Doors & Gates provides expertise in track service and is happy to help our customers with their repair needs. Any type of garage door repair can be dangerous. It's always a better bet to go with the professionals in order to avoid injury or additional costs.

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