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Garage door service tips.

1. Replace torsion garage door spring.

The torsion springs are the most dangerous parts to replace and the most important part of your garage door. If you have 15 Years or older garage door, you garage door torsion springs need to be inspected by a professional garage door tech and replaced if needed.
Some garage doors have two or more torsion springs, replace them all even if they are not broken. This will prevent door damage and keep it working in the most effective way.

2. Garage door cable check.

First you can simply look at the cable and make sure that the cables connect in both sides to the garage door springs system bracket. If the cables are loose or worn, they could break and cause injury and damages, because they are connected to the torsion spring system, these garage door cables can be replace only by a professional and trained garage door technician.

3. Old garage door track.

Some homeowner trying to save money by keeping the old garage door track when they buying a new garage door, but they need to know that the old track will not fit with the new garage door panels thickness, the weight, location of the motor, headroom required and other considerations.
In order to get a maximum performance, the door panels and the track should come from the same garage door manufactured.

4. Basic garage door service.

Some people use the garage door more than any other door and its probably the biggest moving door in the house. Over time damage parts can creating safety problems, to avoid that you should provide yearly checks and maintenance to your garage door system. Having a garage door tech coming over once a year, can keep your garage door working good and smoothly for a very long time.

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