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How To Repair Garage Door.

The following instructions for replacing garage door springs are for do-it-yourself homeowners and for maintenance repair men who service their smaller commercial or industrial sectional overhead doors. These directions are designed for torsion springs mounted to both sides of an anchor bracket above the middle of the garage door as pictured above. Instructions for replacing a single torsion spring, for replacing garage door extension springs, and for replacing Wayne Dalton Torque master springs are linked to our Instructions page above. You'll also find a link for any other garage door parts you may need while repairing your door.

How to Replace a Single Torsion Spring - Garage Door

The single torsion spring on your garage door helps you to open and close the door easily. Replacing this spring is not difficult, but you must be careful when making the change since the spring is under extreme pressure. The project will take the average do-it-yourselfer about two hours to finish. You can complete this project by yourself if you wish, but it is always better to have a second person on hand to help you. Be sure that you have the proper replacement parts before you begin since the parts may vary from one brand to another.....

Garage Door Cable

How to Install Garage Door Cable

Replace garage door cables to improve tension.
The cables and springs on a garage door control the tension and motion of the door. Over time, the cables may wear out and prevent the door from lifting and lowering properly. In this case, you can replace the cables only, or choose to replace the springs and door, too. Given the size and bulk of an overhead door, working with another person is helpful and safer.

How to Replace a Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are such handy appliances, yet we take them for granted every time we use them. Unfortunately, even the most faithful garage door opener eventually stops working. Since the track is already in place, it's not hard to replace the old garage door opener with a new one. Follow all the manufacturer's directions as you install your new garage door opener. Read on to learn how to replace a garage door opener.

Garage Door Track

How to Fix a Garage Door Track

The door track on your garage door is actually four separate pieces. There are two vertical pieces and two horizontal pieces that join together with flag brackets on the top of the vertical tracks. Most often the vertical tracks, the ones against the door frame, will receive damage from being hit. Fixing a garage door track depends upon the damage. Tracks that are out of alignment do not require removal. Tracks that have extensive damage require replacement. Replacement track blanks and track brackets are available at garage door dealers and some home improvement stores.

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