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Lift-master 355LM 315MHz Garage Door Opener Receiver
The 355LM 315MHz SECURITY+ technology works with one 315 frequency operator with a purple learn button on the motor head. The 355LM accepts up to 8 Securtiy+ remote controls and one keyless entry code(377lm). Will work on 2 or 3 wire systems. If your system is 2-wire, a 24-volt 85LM transformer is necessary.

Lift-master 412HM Gate and Garage Door Opener Receiver 390MHz
Universal Coaxial Receiver with Security+® - 315MHz is Security+® rolling code and/or DIP switch compatibility.
FCC certified 315MHz
External 8" whip antenna included.
315MHz Security+® rolling code and/or DIP switch compatibility
12VDC or 18 - 35VAC/DC jumper selectable
2-piece aluminum case with detachable cover


Lift-master 365LM Plug-In Security Plus Radio Receiver 315Mhz
315mhz only receiver, converts existing setup to 315mhz! LiftMaster 365LM Universal Plug-in Radio Receiver. Same model as the Chamberlain 955D This LiftMaster model 365LM universal plug-in 1 channel radio receiver is ideal for use as a replacement radio control or to upgrade to a more secure system. It works with all Lift Master, Chamberlain and Sears remotes that use either dip switches, billion code or security plus technology operating on 315Mhz. Plugs into a standard power outlet and wires to either the remote push button or directly to the garage door opener.


Genie Gir390 Garage or Gate Receiver
Garage door opener receiver for Genie Intellicode systems. Compatible with all Genie Intellicode products, 390 Mhz frequency Code rotating technology (changes codes every time you use it) for added security, this receiver's signal cannot be duplicated by code grabbers The receiver model GIR390 will upgrade your older system to the newest technology, easy to follow instructions are included Also available as a set (1 receiver, 1 transmitter), model GIRU-1T upgrade kit Compatible Genie Products Genie GIR390-1T Genie GIT-1 Genie GIT-2 Genie GIT-3 Genie GMI-3BL Genie GWKIC


Linear Delta 3 DR3 DR3A Single Channel Gate or Garage Door Receiver
Receiver requires 3 wire connection and 24 volts. If your opener is not 24 volts or has a 2 wire connection, add a 24 volt AC transformer. Linear DR3A, Moore-O-Matic gate or garage opener receiver. 310 MHz frequency, 8 dip switches for coding. Compatible with transmitter models DT, DTC, DT2A, DT4A, and LB. Compatible with all Linear Moore-O-Matic Delta 3 System products. Compatible Remotes: Linear DT2A, Linear DT4, Linear DTC, Linear DTKP, and Linear LB.


Lift-master MODEL 975LM Laser Parking Accessory
MODEL 975LM Laser Parking Accessory This innovative new accessory is designed to help consumers park in the right spot, every time. It's easy to install, easy to use and easily priced, which makes it incredibly easy to add on and improve your profit margin with every LiftMaster® garage door opener installation. Works Automatically - A pulsating beam turns on for 90 seconds when the IR beam is interrupted. The driver pulls the car in until the red dot from the laser hits a pre-targeted spot on their dash, letting them know exactly where to stop. Simple Installation - simply connects to the photo-eye (IR) terminals of any LiftMasterTM Garage Door Opener. Adjustable beam may be pointed in any direction. Includes wall and ceiling mounting kit and 7 ft. of bell wire. Perfect for Two-Car Garages - Two laser parking accessories may be installed with each garage door opener. Laser-Guided Accuracy - Class 2 laser is safe on the eyes, yet clearly visible.


Lift-master 41A5034 Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Kit
The 41A5034 sensors include a pair of sensors(sending and receiving), about 12" of wire attached to each sensor, wire connectors to splice wire into existing wire, mounting screws to mount to brackets, and instructions. If your opener has not had sensors, the 41A5 034 sensor can not be installed to your opener.


Genie Safety Beam Photo Eye Sensors Kit
Compatible with Genie machines with existing Safety Beams. Easy do-it-yourself installation NOTE: This item will replace or repair your Genie Safe-T-Beam System. The safety sensor kit listed here is the only one in production at this time. All other models have been discontinued. THIS SAFETY SENSOR KIT IS BACKWARD COMPATIBLE WITH ALL GENIE OPENERS MANUFACTURED ON OR AFTER 1995. THIS SAFETY SENSOR KIT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH GARAGE DOOR OPENERS MANUFACTURED BEFORE 1995 (THOSE USED 3-PIN CONNECTORS AT THE OPERATOR HEAD).


Genie 34094R Garage Door Opener Replacement Safe-T-Beam Kit
NOTE: This item will replace or repair your Genie Safe-T-Beam System. The safety sensor kit listed here is the only one in production at this time. All other models have been discontinued. Backwards compatible to 1993 Series 1 openers. Original Genie part. For use with Genie garage door openers. Kit includes both Infrared eyes, brackets, bell wire, hardware and installation instructions. Genie 34094R Garage Door Opener Replacement Safe-T-Beam Kit (Same as 35048R)


Linear Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Set
The Linear safety beam sender and receiver set is compatible with Linear garage door opener models LSO50, LDO33 and LDO50. The set includes a short wire that gets spliced into the operators existing sensor wires. Does not include sensor mounting brackets.

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